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The Commission on Filipinos Overseas is a Philippine government agency tasked to promote the interests of Filipino emigrants and permanent residents abroad, as well as strengthen ties with Filipino communities overseas.  It was established in 1980 through Batas Pambansa Blg. 79.

 The Commission on Filipinos Overseas registers and provides orientation for departing emigrants, and conducts Filipino heritage programs for younger generations of overseas Filipinos. It promotes transfer of technology, material contributions and financial grants from overseas Filipino communities for development activities in seventy-nine provinces in the Philippines.  The Commission also provides liaison to Filipinos overseas with appropriate government and private agencies in the transaction of business and similar ventures in the Philippines.

Of the total number of overseas Filipinos, Filipino permanent residents comprise 48% or 3.90 million of the total stock estimate of overseas Filipinos which is 8.18 million.  This figure is higher than the total number of overseas workers which was 44% or 3.63 million of the total stock estimate.  They live mainly in Australia, Canada, Japan, Germany, United States of America, the United Kingdom and Italy.

Filipino emigrants and permanent residents overseas, who would mostly be naturalized citizens of other countries, can benefit from R.A. 9225, the Citizenship Retention and Reacquisition Act of 2003 or the dual citizenship law. The Commission on Filipinos Overseas is also prepared to assist those interested in looking at prospects and opportunities open to overseas Filipinos who reacquire their Filipino citizenship.


Citigold Center, 1345 President Quirino Avenue
corner South Expressway, Manila

Tel. No. (632) 561-8321; Fax No. (632) 561-8332
Email:  info@cfo.gov.ph  
Website:  www.cfo.gov.ph